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Company was established in 2004, over the years, through our staff together, united, seize the opportunity, work hard, and achieved good results.During this period, our company year after year was rated as the city government, jiangdong district, jiangbei, one of yinzhou district designated enterprise printing, was founded in July by ningbo bureau for approval as one of the state secrets vector replication unit.Two OO nine years my company by the national postal service as one of fixed-point envelope printing enterprise.Our company more to strengthen enterprise quality management, strict on product quality and service attitude.By the city each year as a result, our printing products printing industry association awarded excellent product gold medal, silver medal, and.It's more laid the status of our company in the printing market.

Have a solid foundation, our company in the second OO nine years to expand.First are increased from the original registered capital of five hundred thousand yuan to five hundred thousand yuan, then the factory also by the old factory building 500 square moved to more than 3600 square meters of new plant, then the equipment investment, the increase of the personnel, etc.And set up a staff canteen and staff dormitory, therefore have more human landscape.

In terms of equipment, our company has equipped with Peking University founder computer typesetting system, original uh guano double-color six start code offset press, Japan imported sanxin four-color offset printing machine, computer printing machines, laser printers, wireless glue machine, pressing machine, full computer double digital paper cutter, double stitching machine and a series of equipment.To expand, invest a huge sum of money to introduce the three sets of imported German CD102 outside Heidelberg four-color offset press and Japan komori super beautiful color dragon LS - 429 four open four-color offset press, Japan komori LS - 420 - six open four-color offset press.And is equipped with a full computer control network CTP plate maker and plate burning machine imported from Japan, over plate machine, punching machine, paper cutter, sewing machine, folding machine, indentation machine and a series of form a complete set of equipment.A layer of higher level and make our company more.

Is the main business of our company bank, organs, enterprises, schools, hotels, tobacco and sino-foreign joint venture enterprises and other units established a long-term good cooperation and mutual trust relationship, and the height of the cooperation unit trust and praise.In the new factory we can timely, high quality, more comprehensive to provide customers with design, plate-making, multicolor printing, and after processing, such as series of complete sets of services, and gradually formed in all kinds of exquisite album, posters, product samples, handbags, high-grade color box, calendars, desk calendar, and no duplicate carbon and so on as the leading status of printing products.

Enterprise spirit of "integrity, innovation" the management policy, efforts to expand the market, as always, dedicated to provide you with the best quality service.

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